How to Become a Music Producer in 5 Steps  


Being a music producer can be a challenge and a difficult task, but if you have willpower and determination your way will be a bit “less difficult”. A music producer must have knowledge in: hardware, software, musical theory, rhythmic perception, instruments, technique, composition, mixing, mastering, marketing, marketing, plus how to become a music producer.

Essential music production equipment

Nowadays having a home recording studio is getting easier; you can start by setting up your home studio with basic music production equipment. A computer, an audio interface, monitors and microphones are essential to start making music at home.

Programs and Plugins

There are several programs for composing, editing, mixing and mastering your music. They are known as “DAWs” (Digital Audio Workstation), plus it is so easy to find the best guitar less than 1000. The first step is to get to know the native plugins of your editing program and then acquire new plugins and improve your arsenal.

Musical Theory and Rhythmic Perception

I can tell from experience that musical theory is not essential to be a musical producer. I’ve never done music lessons and worked with music production for over 5 years. The practice and mastery of some musical instrument is more important than theory. Begin by learning keyboard, guitar setup or some percussion instrument, this will help you to develop your rhythmic perception. See more

Listen a lot of music

An exercise I always recommend is to listen to a song analyzing all its elements in order to know how to become a music producer. Listen to songs of different styles, this will help you get a general idea of the changes of timbre, notes, modulations and all the elements that involve the process of creating a song.

Learn Different Mixing Techniques

Mixing is the main stage in producing a song, and for that you will definitely need the best laptop for music production. Many producers leave this part to a skilled professional; I advise that you also master this art to achieve professional results without having to pay for a third party. It will not take a lot of money for you to get the best laptop for music production.

Music Marketing

At first, focus on learning the basics of music marketing and then start marketing. Over time you will start to produce less and advertise more. Treat your music as a product and use the power of social networking to bring your sound to the next level.

Get to know the independent music market, read music marketing books and take courses. It is very important to be up to date. Are you enjoying the beginning of how to become a music producer? It is possible to go online and quickly find out about several different tips on how to become a music producer. You will definitely be able to become a professional quickly, all you have to do is get the proper basic equipment and do everything you can to be part of this cool new world. See more details  in this blog post:

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Clean Your Guitar to Prevent Unneeded Guitar Repairs

Most guitarists want to take care of their guitars, but must learn guitar repair and maintain, so they can be played for years. One of the major ways any guitarist can take care of his guitar is to clean it regularly. The only problem is many guitarists don’t know how to clean their guitars.

I know what you are thinking. Big deal, cleaning my guitar won’t help it last longer. That is just wrong. Cleaning your guitar will not only help it last longer; it will also prevent future guitar repairs.  Okay, enough about the warnings. Let’s get started cleaning. There are tons of different cleaning products out there for guitars and most of them are pretty good.

How to clean your guitar body

Most guitars have glossy guitar setup. This is good because in most cases glossy finish is easier to clean than flat finish. There are two main kinds of cleaning products: sprays and pastes or gels. Personally, I only use spray products on my guitars. I think these products do a good job removing the dirt and fingerprints while providing a smooth shine. My favorite spray cleaner is Dunlop Formula 65 Polish Cleaner. I usually just spray a few squirts around the guitar body.

  • On electric guitars, make sure not to spray your pickups, as any kind of liquid can cause corrosion on the pole pieces. Then take a soft rag, usually I use an old t-shirt, and swirl in the cleaner. Once the dirt is removed from the guitar surface, I grab a clean cloth and buff the finish to a high shine.
  • If your guitar has cracks in the body or any exposed wood, just make sure not to use any kind of cleaning product on the exposed wood. This can make the wood swell and ruin the finish. This is an example of another unneeded trip to the guitar repair shop.

How to clean your guitar fretboard

Most guitars with the exception of some Fenders and Gretsches have unfinished fretboards. The most common unfinished fretboards are usually made out of ebony and rosewood. Unfinished fretboards are easy to clean and look beautiful. It is important to clean your fretboard and moisturize it every time you change your strings.

Fretboards can dry out and crack

You don’t want to take your guitar to the guitar repair shop because of something that could have been prevented. Here’s how I like to clean my fretboards.

There are a number of special fretboard cleaning products out there, but I like to use Murphy’s Oil Soap the best. Oil soap not only helps clean your fretboard, it also helps condition and moisturizes it. The oil soap will prevent your fretboard from drying out and cracking. It will also give your fretboard a new clean shine.

Lastly, Let’s first talk about the first thing you’re liable to run into – crackling, cackling, and popping whenever you plug in the cord to your amp and turn the amp on, followed by buzzing and no sound. Come to guitar repair school class one… saving money on cheap, easy repairs and also how to become a music producer.…

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Acoustic Guitar – Is It That Important To Buy A Really Expensive Guitar?

Every guitarist wants the best guitar kits; it’s as simple as that and yet many aren’t too sure how much they need to spend. For most, they believe they must spend thousands and thousands of dollars in order to find the very best acoustic guitar. However, is that really necessary? That is certainly the question on many a minds and it can be a little tricky to answer. Read on to find out more.

A Guitar Won’t Make You a Great Player, Even If it’s Expensive!

In all honesty buying a guitar doesn’t make you a guitarist and nor does it improve your skills or talents. If you don’t know how to play guitar or play it very poorly, then no matter which guitar you buy, it won’t make a difference. You could buy the best guitar under 1000 but that doesn’t mean to say you’re an expert all of a sudden! In truth players must learn and hone their skills and it’s only through practice that makes them a better player. Does that mean an expensive guitar is required? Well, no, not really, simply because it won’t help you progress any faster.

Starting Out With an Inexpensive Acoustic Guitar Is Best

Let’s say you don’t know anything about playing a guitar but want to learn, isn’t it best to start off with a cheaper or less costly instrument? Of course, it is simply because acoustic guitars can range significantly and if you don’t take to guitar playing as you would like or get bored, you’ve wasted a lot of money.

Also, there are many good guitars available that are quite affordable, so there is no real need to buy big. Guitar kits can range significantly and while it might seem a great idea to opt for spending big, it’s not necessary. This is something you must think about when buying a guitar. check more info from

There Is No Need to Spend Big On a New Guitar

Is it important to spend big? Not entirely. Yes, it would be nice to own the very best and most expensive guitar but unless you’re a big named star with a lot of cash to throw around, it just isn’t necessary or needed. You can easily find some amazing guitars that don’t cost more than a few hundred. The best guitar under 1000 can be what you aim for and there are many great instruments out there to choose from. Whether you’re starting out or a fair player, you may want to keep your limit to a thousand dollars; it’s a suitable range and anything more is crazy unless you’re in a band and play most days.

Vintage Can Be a Good Idea

guitar_electricIf, however, you want a great guitar, you could always look at some of the more vintage models available. Right now there are dozens of great vintage guitars available and they are some of the very best. Remember, older acoustic guitars can be some of the most strongest models made and they can offer great sound too. These can also be a lot more affordable than some of the modern guitar kits.

Buy Wisely

It does seem like it would be necessary to spend four or five thousand dollars on a new acoustic guitar, especially if you’re into music and want to become a profession some day. However, is that necessary? In all honesty, no, and it’s just throwing good money away. Yes, some of the big named brands cost a lot but there are many fantastic brands that are more reasonable. You don’t have to spend big to get the best guitar under 1000.…

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Acoustic Electric Guitar Reviews

Buying new acoustic electric guitar kits can be incredibly simple and yet there are many who aren’t too sure what they actually need. However, buying the right guitar can be incredibly important and when you have the best, you can ensure your music sounds amazing. When you know a little more about guitars in general then you can hopefully find the best. Read on and find out more about guitars and few of the big name brands too.

Yamaha and Gibson – Two Big Brands you’ll adore
Yamaha is one of the biggest names in the guitar field and they truly have some of the best guitars available. They not only offer great and affordable prices but ensure top quality sound too. Gibson too is an amazing name and one of the best available as well. These guitars offer amazing craftsmanship and their guitar kits are truly amongst the very best too. However, Yamaha and Gibson are only two names; there are many more amazing acoustic guitar manufacturers to enjoy time and time again.

How to Choose the Very Best

It is not only important to consider the overall cost of the guitar, but also the quality of it and how effective it is in allowing you to learn and play. Choosing the best guitar under 1000 shouldn’t just cover the overall costs, but also the brand, and type of guitar you want. If you are planning to buy a custom made guitar then it will maybe cost a little more. This is certainly something you want to think about when choosing a new guitar.see more info coming from

Don’t Rush This Decision

Everyone wants to buy the best guitar under 1000 but that doesn’t mean to say you should just buy any. It takes real thought and consideration before buying a guitar and in truth you should think very carefully too. There are many different guitars available and while one might jump out at you, that doesn’t make it the best. That is why you need to understand what the guitar has to offer and it’s important not to rush the decision either. Taking your time to fully understand what the guitar has to offer will be crucial.

Guitars Need Proper Care and Maintenance to Keep Them Running Smoothly

Acoustic Electric GuitarHowever, while you might find choosing an acoustic electric guitar, that isn’t the end of the journey. Once you have your guitar, you also need to make sure you care for it very well. This is certainly something that everyone must consider otherwise you’ll be buying a new guitar every so often. Taking proper care of a guitar is necessary when buying new guitar kits.

Guitars Are Fantastic Instruments

When it comes to playing a musical instrument, you can often find that it’s easy but buying them is another matter. It takes real time and patience to find a good guitar and it can often be a challenge. However, using reviews and other elements you can find the very best for you or someone close to you. There are lots of amazing guitars and they can easily add something extra to your band. Buy the best guitar under 1000 and enjoy using it.…

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A Quick Guide to Buying a Guitar

From guitar setup to re-tuning, every guitarist dreams of becoming a true professional and heading out onto the big stage. While that is very much possible, it’s also a little away just yet. First things first, you have to buy a great guitar, but do you know what that involves? Don’t panic, you aren’t alone; there are many who aren’t too sure what to look for when buying a guitar. If you’re interested to learn more, read on and hopefully you’ll find buying far simpler. Check it here: Guitars

Understand Which Type of Guitar You Want

You have the choice of buying an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, and while both are great, every guitarist has a particular like. Do you think you’ll prefer to learn and play an electric guitar or have you had experience with an acoustic? If you feel like an acoustic guitar is a suitable option, you may want to look into various styles available. Both electric and acoustic are great, but you have to think about what you like and what you feel is best for you personally. Then hopefully you can find the best guitar under 1000.

Get To Know the Various Brands

There are a wide variety of guitar brands available and that means you have many to choose from. That can be a good thing if you think about as it means you can find a brand you admire and think offers more value for money. However, you need to take a very close look at the brands available and if you find a brand you particularly like the sound of, find out a little more about them. This will give you an idea as to what you’ll be getting. Guitar kits vary considerably so think about brands and maybe you’ll narrow the choices down slightly.

Think About How Much You Wish To Spend

The price for guitars can range significantly and that means you could pay anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand! That can be very disheartening, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to pay with, so think about how much you have available and what you’re actually happy to spend. Setting up a budget can be a great idea and it will make it a lot easier to find a suitable guitar too. You might want to find the best guitar under 1000 and it isn’t as difficult to find as you might think. When you know what you’re happy to spend, it can be a lot easier to make your final choice.

Get To Know More about Guitars

There are many different types of guitars and it can be quite difficult to narrow your choices down. That is why it’s necessary to look into educating yourself a little more about guitars in general. This may make it easier to find the right guitar kits and it might just save you from buying a rubbish one. Getting to know guitars will be a great idea.

Buying A New Guitar Can Be Simple

When it comes to buying a guitar, you can often struggle. You don’t just have one or two choices available but several dozen and it’s tough to make a final decision. However, it doesn’t have to be overly different, not if you put your mind to it. Hopefully you’ll find the best guitar under 1000.…

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