5 Steps to be a Music Producer


Being a music producer can be a challenge and a difficult task, but if you have willpower and determination your way will be a bit “less difficult”. A music producer must have knowledge in: hardware, software, musical theory, rhythmic perception, instruments, technique, composition, mixing, mastering, marketing, marketing, plus how to become a music producer.

Essential music production equipment

Nowadays having a home recording studio is getting easier; you can start by setting up your home studio with basic music production equipment. A computer, an audio interface, monitors and microphones are essential to start making music at home.

Programs and Plugins

There are several programs for composing, editing, mixing and mastering your music. They are known as “DAWs” (Digital Audio Workstation), plus it is so easy to find the best guitar less than 1000. The first step is to get to know the native plugins of your editing program and then acquire new plugins and improve your arsenal: http://www.simplyguitars.ca/acoustic-guitar-is-it-that-important-to-buy-a-really-expensive-guitar/

Musical Theory and Rhythmic Perception

I can tell from experience that musical theory is not essential to be a musical producer. I’ve never done music lessons and worked with music production for over 5 years. The practice and mastery of some musical instrument is more important than theory. Begin by learning keyboard, guitar setup or some percussion instrument, this will help you to develop your rhythmic perception.

Listen a lot of music

An exercise I always recommend is to listen to a song analyzing all its elements in order to know how to become a music producer. Listen to songs of different styles, this will help you get a general idea of ​​the changes of timbre, notes, modulations and all the elements that involve the process of creating a song.

Learn Different Mixing Techniques

Mixing is the main stage in producing a song, and for that you will definitely need the best laptop for music production. Many producers leave this part to a skilled professional; I advise that you also master this art to achieve professional results without having to pay for a third party. It will not take a lot of money for you to get the best laptop for music production.

Music Marketing

At first, focus on learning the basics of music marketing and then start marketing. Over time you will start to produce less and advertise more. Treat your music as a product and use the power of social networking to bring your sound to the next level.

Get to know the independent music market, read music marketing books and take courses. It is very important to be up to date. Are you enjoying the beginning of how to become a music producer? It is possible to go online and quickly find out about several different tips on how to become a music producer. You will definitely be able to become a professional quickly, all you have to do is get the proper basic equipment and do everything you can to be part of this cool new world.